Vasuki Chandak (CDC, 2016-2017)

It's been very intense 18 months and also probably one of the most challenging times in life, but because you experience so much, you also grow all that much more, not just as a film-maker but also as a human being. Then you realise that maybe the two are not all that mutually exclusive.

So if you're lensing in a certain way, it's all about how you are trying to perceive a certain thing and even the process of research can sometimes be about spending a lot of time in a space and forming your own thoughts. All this does find a way into your visual language.

The entire faculty that's visited us, there's a certain sensitivity that everyone came with. The conversations were very spontaneous, not like, ki soch ke aaye, baat kara aur lesson deke chale gaye. This opens up a lot of things. The conversations carry on outside the classroom and into life.

With each space that you were exploring, you began to understand the extent of the potential inherent in it and how little you knew. When you see that, when you become aware of your own ignorance, somewhere that becomes exciting, as you then know that these are the new possibilities and these are the ways you can go in. For future projects also, you know that that’s the position you will start with, and that you will actually go that extra distance. Earlier, I don't think any of us would have kept pushing our thoughts to that extent.

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