I joined SACAC after completing my Bachelors in Fine Arts from College of Arts, New Delhi. The fact that the course focussed on the documentary genre got me interested. Also, the fact that the faculty teaching here were all practising professionals from the industry seemed unparalleled anywhere else. When I joined, I was unsure if photography was the thing for me and till much later I kept having doubts. However, as the course progressed, and we experienced the various modules, I understood photography, the art, better. I loved doing the various assignments ? be it waking up before sunrise and documenting my walk to the metro station or going to Chandni Chowk and documenting it?s pulse or to travel to a new town and document a space I can relate to or just sit at home and make self-portraits ? every assignment thrilled me with its newness and also scared me with the challenges it presented. From being reluctant and shy to photograph strangers, I can now go out, pick up the camera and shoot without being bothered by the crowd. Earlier, my style of making images was quite simple and straightforward, however, with every successive assignment the understanding of a photograph kept changing. A simple frame started to feel incomplete and became redundant, so I started experimenting with my work. I explored various techniques like multiple exposures, working with harsh light, incorporating my graphic design skills to be able to express my story better. Along with techniques, my themes also changed, I started looking within. The photo-stories got personal and the ways of portrayal got experimental. Once my photography diploma course was over, SACAC provided me with the opportunity to work on archiving photographer Avinash Pasricha?s lifetime of work.

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