Life at SACAC

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Our classrooms are a ferment of ideas, discussions and debates facilitated by our faculty members, however life outside the four walls of the classroom are much beyond what you imbibe and learn inside. Our core philosophy of creating an environment for students to inspire and encourage them to look within also influences the student life on-campus.

With the may disciplines that are explored, learned and practiced at SACAC, our campus is a storehouse of ideas, creativity and imaginations. Students from different creative callings often come together to converse about ideas and create.

Students at SACAC are encouraged to attend various events, festivals and exhibitions – and Delhi has so much to offer! An exciting city with events happening year long – from film festivals and photo festivals to art fairs – our students are exposed to so much outside the classroom.

Each year, our students also travel to various destinations such as Varanasi and Pondicherry to spark new imaginations and apply their skills and learnings in a new atmosphere and immerse themselves completely in their craft. At SACAC, we also host events on-campus, often organised by the students themselves. Guest talks with internationally acclaimed artists, musicians and filmmakers, exhibitions, music performances and more. Our goal is to help our students gain from the exposure and experience of a world of arts and creativity which exists beyond the classroom, a world they will soon be inhabiting.

It is our strong belief at SACAC that media and arts are much more than just mastering the craft and technicalities. It is about telling your story through your chosen form of expression – be it photography, filmmaking, music or communication. Our students who enter the industry after starting their journey at SACAC bear testimony to the belief.

Life at SACAC


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