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Student life at SACAC is much, much more than what you imbibe and learn within the four walls of the classroom. While our classrooms are a ferment of ideas, discussions and debates facilitated by our faculty mentors – outside of the classroom is where the real action lies. This is where there is interdisciplinary interactions and cross-pollination of ideas.

Student life @ SACAC is about attending various events, festivals and exhibitions- and Delhi has so many to offer! There are film festivals, photo festivals, art fairs. Then there is the Annual Study Tour to Pondicherry and Auroville which is the icing on the cake- a 7 to 15 days affair where our students get an opportunity to immerse in their craft and handle ‘live’ projects. Sometimes our students get to travel outside the city to attend events if their academic calendar permits. We @ SACAC also host events like ‘Nazar Ka Adda’ and ‘Music Basti’. We hold guest talks featuring visiting independent internationally acclaimed film-makers, musicians and photo artists in town and hope that our students will gain from the exposure and experience.

We @ SACAC believe that Media Arts is about much more than just mastering a craft and technical soundness. It is about telling your story- a human interest story through your chosen form of expression, which is your craft- be it photography, film making, music or communication. Our students who enter the industry bear testimony to this belief.

Core Values

SACAC envisions creating evolved, conscious and value driven leaders who are characterized by the following qualities:

• Integrity and Sense of Fair Play
• Confidence and Perseverance
• Original Thought
• Courage to take Decisions
• Conscious Communicators
• Conscious and responsible citizens
• Respect for Humanity
• Innovative knowledge seekers



“All of us who professionally use the media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarise that society. Brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.”
-William Bernbach, American Advertising Legend

At SACAC, we go beyond imparting professional skills and relevant knowledge; we strive towards developing human faculties to make a conscious individual, through an environment that inspires and inculcates values and encourages self-development and self-expression.

We understand that as part of an aggressively dynamic media scene, our students will be tested by intense competition, habitual stress and even occasional ruthlessness. We take seriously our responsibility to prepare them to confront these problems successfully and with consciousness.

We have formalised this preparatory process into a unique module called Insights.

Insights is a structured programme, mandatory for all students of SACAC, aimed towards exploring the inner self and awakening the human consciousness that is within us. It is directed to reach the essential core of a person from where ideas, creativity, drive, and vision emerge. Combined with skills, it leads to developing a complete creative professional.

We have realised, over the years, that imparting technical and theoretical subject skills were not enough to create truly successful members of media. We must also equip our students with the emotional and mental wherewithal to deal with the challenges of working in a highly demanding and challenging environment.

Every part of the Insights programme is based on the conviction that it is the noble, courageous, ethical part of ourselves, which is our true nature, and this is the part we must discover. This course seeps into the entire programme and colours it with an in-depth approach and perspective, so necessary to the life of a media professional.

As part of the Insights programme, students participate in expert led workshops, book readings and reviews, sharing of experiences by practitioners/experts and personal mentoring, among other things.

Insights is an uninhibited and limitless journey that can help you discover your deepest reserves of strength and imagination. Through individual and group activities, you can find empathetic understanding for others around you as well as for your true self.


Welcome to the SACAC campus – located in the heart of south Delhi and within the grounds of the Delhi branch of Sri Aurobindo Society. Sooth your mind and soak in the atmosphere along with this haven of calm in our 2.5 acre campus,
well within the city and yet far removed from its hustle and cacophony. Our campus is fully equipped for a Media Arts College and we have facilities which few Media Institutes in Delhi can boast of.

We have an Auditorium that can seat 150 in full capacity, an Amphitheatre which can seat 200 and we have lush green foliage with landscaped gardens within our campus. We are equipped with studio facilities- photography, audio, recording and editing suites and each studio has the latest state-of- the art equipment. All our classrooms are audio visually equipped as well as acoustically treated. And…we have an in-house open and inviting cafeteria in Saatvik Café which provides (almost) home food – strictly vegetarian, to students , faculty and visitors passing by at attractively budget prices. In short, we have a campus that is warm, welcoming and almost a second home to the students- a refuge from the big, bad world outside that our alumni love to come back to once they leave!