Student Life

Student life at SACAC is much, much more than what you imbibe and learn within the four walls of the classroom. While our classrooms are a ferment of ideas, discussions and debates facilitated by our faculty mentors – outside of the classroom is where the real action lies.
This is where there is interdisciplinary interactions and cross-pollination of ideas. Student life @ SACAC is about attending various events, festivals and exhibitions- and Delhi has so many to offer! There are film festivals, photo festivals, art fairs. Then there is the Annual Study Tour to Pondicherry and Auroville which is the icing on the cake- a 7 to 15 days affair where our students get an opportunity to immerse in their craft and handle ‘live’ projects. Sometimes our students get to travel outside the city to attend events if their academic calendar permits. We @ SACAC also host events like ‘Nazar Ka Adda’ and ‘Music Basti’. We hold guest talks featuring visiting independent internationally acclaimed film-makers, musicians and photo artists in town and hope that our students will gain from the exposure and experience. We @ SACAC believe that Media Arts is about much more than just mastering a craft and technical soundness. It is about telling your story- a human interest story through your chosen form of expression, which is your craft- be it photography, film making, music or communication. Our students who enter the industry bear testimony to this belief.