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Certificate Course in Music Business Management (Online)


2 Months (Weekends)


18 years of age

Course Highlights

Artist Management and Booking
Live: Concerts, Festivals & Touring & More

Course overview

Course Overview

The business of music is a global multi-billion dollar industry with individuals creating music, working at record labels, publishing companies, and distribution companies and as managers, agents, promoters and more. The Music Business Management Certificate Course is specifically designed for those who wish to gain deeper insights into the music industry. This intensive course will give the students an overview of how the industry works, the various job opportunities in it and the knowledge to pursue these jobs. The course is taught by veterans and will provide first hand practical knowledge on how to make a successful career in the music industry either as an artist or as a music industry professional.

The attendees will get detailed knowledge of each specialised work-field that make up the "Music Business" in our country such as – Artist Management and Booking, Record labels and Distribution, Intellectual property, Music Publishing and Marketing and more!


  • Music Industry Today:
    This module will discuss the state of the music industry in India and abroad at this current time along with the structure of the music business and the various positions available.
    • Introduction to music business
    • Trends in music business
    • The digital revolution
    • Career opportunities in the music Industry

  • Artist Management & Booking:
    This module will explore the role and importance of an artist manager and how they impact the career of the artist and their brand. It will also elaborate the difference between a manager and an agent, payment structures, business plans and also how to work as a manager and more.
    • Artist as a brand
    • Managers vs Agents
    • Exclusive vs non-exclusive
    • Why and when should an artist get a manager
    • Being your own manager
    • Management contracts
    • Making the business plan – Setting milestones, Budgeting
    • Payment policies
    • Press kits
    • Ending of management agreement

  • Record Labels & Digital Distribution:
    This module will discuss the various types of record labels and deals available to an artist. Along with the basics of digital release and distribution.
    • Overview of the record industry
    • Major and independent record labels
    • Types of deals - 360 Degree Deals, album deals, Single song assignment deals
    • Royalties
    • Agreements
    • Advances
    • Determining the budget
    • Choosing the studio
    • Choosing the producer or engineer
    • Mastering
    • Business basics for putting out your recording
    • Identifying your market for your record release
    • Distributing your recordings - streaming and internet Radio
    • Music on mobile applications & distribution websites like Itunes, Amazon music etc.

  • Intellectual Property & Business Affairs:
    This module will teach the basics of copyright and what it protects, and will provide the students with an understanding of how to both monetize and protect their works from unauthorized exploitation.
    • Importance of Copyright, Trademarks & Patents
    • History of Copyright
    • How to file a copyright
    • Copyright Infringement/Fair Use/ Creative Common
    • Setting up a business Entity
    • Choosing the Proper Entity for Your Business
    • Protecting Your Business’s Name and/or Trademarks
    • Finances – TDS, GST
    • Other business tools – Writing official emails, Excel sheets, proposals, Resumes etc.

  • Music Publishing:
    This module will explore the basics of music publishing and role of performance rights organizations:
    • Introduction to music publishing
    • Different types of music publishing revenue
    • Mechanical Vs. Synchronization license
    • Getting your music placed
    • Income streams
    • Performance Rights Organizations
    • How to register your songs with PRO’s.

  • PR & Marketing:
    This module is an overview of key music marketing principles, terms, and practices, which together form the foundation for all music marketing plans. It will also look at the tools and emerging technologies artists can use to generate interest in their music, acquire new fans, and sell their music.
    • Traditional PR & Marketing
    • How radio, retail, internet and touring work together
    • The marketing plan – When to start
    • Writing a press release
    • Contacting the press
    • Importance and process of Radio & Television
    • Promoting the show
    • Website, Blogging, Social Media, Mailing Lists
    • Data Analysis
    • Merchandise, Giveaways, Cross Promotion, Street teams and Product development opportunities
    • Brand Tie ups

  • Live: Concerts, Festivals & Touring:
    This module will explore the essential components of a successful show, typical types of industry deals, alternative streams of income and domestic and international touring. The course will provide working musicians, aspiring artist managers, booking agents, publicists, merchandisers, concert promoters and entrepreneurs with a detailed overview of the complete touring and music merchandising process, from start to finish.
    • Overview of the current touring Industry
    • Finding the right venue for your live show
    • Business basics for Putting on a Show
    • The Promoter, The Agent, The Venue
    • The Riders
    • The Artist’s Fee, gate share, bar share etc.
    • Live performance as a revenue and promotion opportunity
    • International touring
    • Sponsorship and endorsement opportunities
    • Merchandise
    • Working at a venue or festival
    • Advancing the show
    • Understanding basic sound set up
    • Contracts & dissecting of a contract
    • Payment policy

  • Final Project

  • Internship
  • The possibility of internship depends on the industry situation once it opens.


    Admissions & Fees

    Course Name Certificate Course in Music Business Management
    Duration 2 months
    Registration Fees INR 1200/-
    Course Fees INR 35000/- + Applicable GST
    Next Batch starts on 7th August 2021
    Batch size 15
    Days & Timings Saturday & Sunday, 11 am - 2 pm
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