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"Home / Mo Joshi From being a vocalist in a live hip-hop band in the United Kingdom in the late 90’s, to 20 years later running an independent record label in India, Mo Joshi, Co-Founder of Azadi Records has long been associated with grassroots subculture movements.

Over the course of his career he’s worked with renowned independent festival venue, Chai Wallahs, Grammy award winning singer Joss Stone, Pioneering UK artists Rodney P & Skitz, as well as working with hip-hop artist, historian and journalist Akala

In 2014, Mo permanently moved to India and set about getting his name know within the Indian hip hop scene, in 2015 he took over the running of, the world’s largest platform dedicated to south Asian hip hop, ge grew the community from 1,000 monthly visitor, to 250,000 in the space of 18 months.

Disillusioned with their vision, Mo left DHH and founded Azadi Records with music journalist, Uday Kapur. Having signed standout Delhi rapper, Prabh Deep and released his debut album Class-Sikh to critical acclaim, Seedhe Maut x Sez On The Beat 2018 instant classic ‘Bayaan’, and 2019 releases ‘O’ by Tenant and Kashmiri rapper Ahmer’s ‘Little Kid, Big Dreams’. Azadi Records have set about discovering artists with a unique sound who also have a story to tell.

In 2018, Mo made it on to GQ’s most influential young Indians list for his work within hip-hop in India. Apart from this work within the entertainment industry, Mo also co-founded and runs a successful IT company with his brother, Manu, which the two bothers together still run today.

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