Audio Engineering & Music Production Courses


Every culture has had music at its core as one of the principle art forms that identifies it and separates it from the rest of the world. Sound and its representation as music have been primal in the development of every society and have served a pivotal role in cutting across the realm of conventional forms of communication and expression. Now, more than ever, the ability to document creative expression in the form of music has become more accessible. With the best sound engineering in India, recording devices have become compact and the formats of exchange and presentation have moved on from the physical, like a cassette, CD or vinyl to data capable of being stored digitally in portable devices to being ‘streamed’ over the Internet. The studio has become mobile and the definition of a recording room has become more flexible than ever. The consumer has also become exposed to a wide variety of material, easily accessible now with the internet and has, in turn, begun to reject products that don’t meet a certain ‘quality’- a term that has become ‘flexible’ with the technology becoming cheaper – has become increasingly accessible to the amateur engineer and producer.

It is with this mindset of separating the amateur from the professional that the audio engineering courses at SACAC have been designed. While the students are expected to assimilate all the basic criteria that are essential to have an understanding of the sound, audio and music production courses in India are designed to better their skill set in an incremental fashion.

The courses presently on offer are: