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Certificate Course in Creative Writing


3 Months (Weekend Course)


16+ Years of Age

Course Highlights

Develop imagination
Build interesting characters
Improve Communication and Expression

Course overview

Admissions Open for Offline batch | Commencing in September 2024 | Contact @ 8800444836

Writing is a solo act, but it is a different experience when you connect with fellow writers.

When we started our Creative Writing Short Term Course in Delhi at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication nearly eight years ago, we had not imagined the response it would attract. It has been overwhelming. At the beginning of 2019, we had started our 26th course. We joyfully saw how numerous participants used the course as a jumping point to start a new writing journey. Some got into professional writing, some became authors, some took up jobs as content writers, copywriters or editors and some enjoyed different forms of blogging.

Course Overview

Creative Writing is one of the most fulfilling ways to express oneself!

So, we started this unique course with the intention of helping participants sharpen their writing skills. After all, within all of us, there is a writer struggling to get out. We all have stories to narrate. All that we need is to learn how to become interesting storytellers narrating it in a written form using various tools and techniques.

Yes, writing can be taught! We experience it every week in our classes!

Every batch has been unique and colourful. It has hardly surprised us as they come from varied backgrounds. It is probably the sole reason for this course being successful. The classroom and the workshops get electrified with their wide range of styles and ideas. Every class witnesses how each one of them beats ideas into shape in the most amazing ways. Often, they get surprised by their work. It is such a joy to see participants get better week after week.

Our course has seen a diversity of professionals hone their craft; starting with doctors, engineers, software developers, professionals, bureaucrats, pilots, businessmen, management consultants, accountants, publishing house editors, fashion designers, homemakers, teachers, journalists, lawyers, activists, to even grandmothers, undergraduates, You Tubers and students. We also had a deputy commissioner of police! All of them displayed a burst of creative talent. As the weeks flowed by, there was an amazing growth in their skills and confidence. This is precisely what motivates us to do more, fine tune the course and get in well-known faculty who love teaching creative writing as they have experienced the joy of being published.
Writing is the most potent and yet the simplest form of human expression. Unlike speech, writing transcends the barriers of space and time. Mastering a skill like writing is something that will help you all your life as you will be comfortable with the written word. It gives you an inexplicable sense of fulfillment.

Our course can open a new world for you or for anyone else you know who is looking for such an opportunity. The craft of writing has multiple dimensions: prose, poetry, novels, short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction books, screenwriting, plays, journalistic articles, travelogues and experimental pieces.

This course will help you give vent to your creative urges. Writing is a skill that can help you in your daily life. It can take you to a different creative level. It helps you think and communicate better. Our creative writing workshops will let you explore and discover yourself. Every human mind conjures up images but a creative mind weaves and marries words and ideas aesthetically. This creative writing course is packed with lots of practical activity so that you are able to test and experiment with what you learn. Having talent and skills is not enough, you also need to know how to put it to use. Come and discover the writer in you.

Watch your communication skills flower in both indoor and outdoor creative writing workshops. If you want your creative mind to give life to literary pieces, this course is for you. The course is packed with plenty of practical assignments designed to boost the requisite skills, discipline and confidence.

As seats are limited, we have an entrance exam. It is also to ensure that we admit only those who are genuinely interested. Remember, this is certainly not one of those hobby courses that one does to kill time and fight boredom.


Course Includes:

  • Discovering the joy of writing
  • Ways to tap creative potential
  • Essentials of creative writing
  • Strategy and Style
  • How to get ideas
  • Developing an idea and expanding it into a story
  • Systematic plan to improve style and content
  • Firing your Imagination
  • Working with prompts
  • Stream of consciousness
  • Different types of writing
  • Developing characters
  • Dealing with creativity
  • Building the mindset of a writer
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Structuring your writing
  • Improving communication skills
  • Exploring different genres
  • Learning how to listen better and use different senses
  • Feature Writing
  • Short Story
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Travel Writing
  • Film criticism
  • Writing for Media: Print, Television and Online
  • Writing tools and techniques
  • Investigative and Interpretative writing
  • Scripting for documentaries
  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Pitching to publications

This Course will help participants to:

  • Write Better
  • Think Creatively
  • Get Interesting Ideas
  • Improve Communication and Expression
  • Explore different genres
  • Develop imagination
  • Construct plots
  • Build interesting characters
  • Pick up interviewing skills
  • Learn how to listen better and use different senses

Skills Developed

• Write Better
• Think Creatively
• Get Interesting Ideas
• Develop imagination
• Construct plots
• Build interesting characters
• Pick up interviewing skills
• Improve Communication and Expression
• Explore different genres
• Learn how to listen better and use different senses


Journey From Student To Author

Student Work

Application & Fee

Course NameCreative Writing
Duration 3 months
Age Group/Criteria16+
Next Batch (Offline) Starts In September 2024
Next Batch (Online) Starts In 2025 (Month to be announced)
Batch Size25
Registration Fee (Valid for One Year) Rs. 1200/-
Online Course Fee Rs. 25000/- + Applicable Service Tax
Admission Form Click here to download or Apply Online
Days & TimingsSaturday (4 pm – 7 pm) & Sunday (10 am – 1 pm)

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