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Entry requirements

Course Name

Certificate Course in Graphic Design (Online)


6 Months


Minimum 16 Years of Age

Course Highlights

Short Term Weekend Course

Course overview

SACAC, Delhi offers a Online Short-Term Graphic Design Course in India. This course is a creative process that conveys a message with focus on visual communication and presentation. The field, as a whole, is also referred to as Communication Design. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a great design. However, the mind is the most important tool in a graphic design course. Aside from technology, a creative mind thriving with original ideas, good judgment, observation and investigative thinking are required for creative design layouts and rendering. New ideas can be found through experimentation with tools and methods…..

Course Overview

The Graphic Design course at SACAC, one of the best graphic design institutes in India, is a designed process of opening one’s mind towards appreciating and creating effective works of visual design. This is a crucial part of a larger field known as communication design. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, images, drawings, colours, photographs and page layout techniques to produce great 'visual communication'.

Specific qualification is not the requisite for the course, all you need creative & curious mind thriving with original ideas, good judgement, observation and patience makes perfect raw material for this course. Thus, one can opt for a graphic design course after 12th as well. During this course, software skills to convert one’s ideas into reality are imparted simultaneously as the course progresses.


This 6-month Certificate Course in Graphic Design lays emphasis on:

  • History & Context of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to the elements & principle of design
  • Design Fundamentals: Composition with Shapes
  • The Psychology of Colour, Colour Theory, Colour Interaction and Colour Management, Applications of color
  • Typography
  • Introduction to the Graphic Softwares
  • Fundamentals of Grids and Layout
  • Understanding of Advertising, Branding - Logo and Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Information Graphics: Visualizing complex pieces of information
  • Design Process, and design thinking for strategy and problem solving
  • Closure: Assessments, Reflections learning’s, creating a portfolio and a final exhibition

Skills Developed

• An inner eye for Design
• Project based design aesthetics
• Colour and Visual judgement
• Creating customised vector graphics
• Image editing, creating, cropping and effects
• Layout design of industry oriented graphic products


Student Experience


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Admissions & Fee

Course Name Certificate Course in Graphic Design
Duration 6 months (192 Hours)
Age Group/Criteria 16+
Next Batch Starts In November 2021
Batch Size 15
Registration Fee (Valid for One Year) Rs1200/- (Inclusive Service tax)
Course Fee Rs 58000/- + Applicable Service Tax
Admission Form Click here to download or Apply Online
Days & Timings Saturday (10 am – 2 pm) & Sunday (10 am – 2pm)


Laptop with Stylus or Mouse
Graphic Softwares
Stationery required:

• 12" Metal Scale
• A3 Sketch Book
• Cutter
• Eraser
• Shading Pencil Set
• Thin and Thick Black Sketch Pen
• A3 Cutting Board
• A4 Sheets One Ream
• Black Ink (Indian Ink)
• Brush 6 Round
• Brush Flat 1" Wide
• Brush Flat 1/2" Wide
• A3 Cartridge Sheet
• Poster Color Set of 12
• Black Sheet A4
• Adhesive Glue Stick
• Charcoal Sticks
• Newspaper Sheets (10 each)

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