Career in Photography: Course, Colleges, Eligibility and Salary

Knowing that you want to build a career in photography is a good point to start your journey; this realization comes from photographing, looking at the works of other photographers and identifying and imagining a future in the field for yourself. For a lot of aspiring and upcoming photographers, the urge to do something creative and to work with visuals acts as the starting point to consider a career in photography.

Given how competitive and saturated photography has become, only knowing that you want to be a photographer may not be enough to build a career in photography. A good photographer must be able to wear several hats and have many tricks under his/her belt.

Photograph for GQ Magazine. Photographer: Sahil Chauhan (Batch of 2018 – 19)

Why you Should Choose Photography as a Career

Photography is quickly emerging as a career choice for many young and aspiring individuals with a passion for photographs. Young photographers are motivated by their passion for image-making and visuals yet, like every other career, building a career in the world of photography comes with its own set of challenges. In a world saturated with photographs and image-makers, the biggest challenge lies in standing out. However, a photographer with a strong passion, rigor, voice and style can make it!