A Career in Photography – What and How?

Photography is quickly emerging as a career choice for many young and aspiring individuals with a passion for photographs. Young photographers are motivated by their passion for image-making and visuals yet, like every other career, building a career in the world of photography comes with its own set of challenges. In a world saturated with photographs and image-makers, the biggest challenge lies in standing out. However, a photographer with a strong passion, rigor, voice and style can make it!

Photograph for GQ Magazine. Photographer: Sahil Chauhan (Batch of 2018 – 19)

The most common career in photography is that of a photographer. There are many genres in photography that one can find their niche in, ranging from wedding photography to travel, wildlife, documentary, fashion, editorial, food, landscape, and more. Photographers usually find work on a freelance basis, or work for studios, media agencies, magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, NGOs and publishing houses.

These fields are very competitive and demanding and require the photographer to be very skilled and efficient at their job. A photographer must have a good command over composition, light, and more. Read our post on how to make a good photograph to find out more.